Check out Everest Reinsurance’s Q4 Agent Bonus Program

2018 Agent Bonus Program Rules

Payout Details

To receive the per application payout, you must submit a minimum of 3 qualifying “signed” applications within the same month (Everest uses the “Received Date” to determine month submitted). Each month, October through December, is counted separately; and you may participate in any or all those months. Bonus payments will be processed for qualifying applications within 30 days following the end of the month that the policy is issued.

To receive the lump sum payout, you must submit a minimum of 20 qualifying “signed” applications within the 3 months of October, November and December. This bonus payment will be processed within 30 days following the end of December.

Qualification Requirements

  1. The applications must be issued by the time the bonus payments are processed.
  2. All eligible applications during the Qualification Period must be an electronic application (E-APP).
  3. Controlled business (immediate family members, plan changes or internal replacements) does not qualify for this program.
  4. Bonus payments will not be made on declined applications, Open Enrollment applications for those under age 64 1/2 or for any Guaranteed Issue applications regardless of age, nor will these applications be counted towards qualifying counts, unless specifically noted in writing.
  5. Everest reserves the right to determine if any application submitted outside of the program dates qualifies.
  6. More than 95% of all inforce policies written by the agent, regardless of plan or effective date, must be associated with policyholders age 65 and over.
  7. Agents must be in good standing with Everest at the time of payout.
  8. An “issued” application is one approved by underwriting with a policy generated. A bonus charge back will be assessed for Not Taken policies or those that do not remain in force through the “Thirty Day Right To Examine and Return Policy” period.