Trump Administration Keeps Up Assault on ‘Medicare for All’

Proposal ‘goes in exactly the wrong direction,’ White House official says

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration this week continued its spirited attack on Democratic proposals for a “Medicare for All” healthcare system.

“I will never understand mandating one-size-fits-all coverage for every American,” Joe Grogan, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, said Monday at a meeting of the Federation of American Hospitals, a group of for-profit hospitals and health systems. “But then again, I am not in favor of coercion over freedom … I believe in choices and I believe in the power of competitive markets.” He praised the administration’s implementation of short-term, limited-duration insurance plans and association health plans, which are less expensive than other insurance policies but are not required to meet all requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), such as covering essential health benefits.

“Side by side with the [ACA’s health insurance] exchanges, these plans aim to give Americans the choice and control they want, the affordability they need, and the quality they deserve,” he continued. “The exchanges are out there, with all their mandates and coverage requirements; they serve as an option. They shouldn’t be the only choice, however. But this is not how everyone sees it. Read More.

Original article on MEDPAGETODAY by Joyce Frieden