Transamerica: Wealth + Health

February 9, 2018


Did you know that 81% of Americans want their financial advisor to take into consideration their health when building their financial strategy?* Transamerica’s wealth + health position allows you to take a holistic look at your clients’ wellbeing, addressing both personal and financial health.

To kick-start these discussions, we are introducing our Changing the Conversation series to provide the educational resources and the support you need to engage with your clients.

This week’s Changing the Conversation content includes:

  • An introduction to wealth + health and its impact on financial strategies
  • A field guide for our easy-to-use digital resources
  • An insightful article highlighting the importance of good health to better enjoy one’s wealth

These resources can help you understand what Transamerica’s wealth + health position is all about, and more importantly, they can help take your client relationships to a new level.