SilverScript: 2018 AEP Commission Timing

January 11, 2018

Commissions, SilverScript

SilverScript processes January commissions in two parts.

  • The first part is done in early January and consists mostly of commissions on policies for clients who were already your SilverScript clients in 2017 and are simply ‘rolling over’ into the same SilverScript 2018 plan.
  • The second part is done in late January and includes commissions with Agent of Record changes and all other business, including AEP sales. 

If you had ‘rollover’ clients you might have already received commissions statements from your up-line or you will very soon, but be aware the first part of the January commission cycle is not exhaustive. If there is other business you expect to see in your statements, AEP or otherwise, the commission will likely be part of the late January cycle.

We intentionally split the payments into two cycles so we can distribute funds faster. We are able to expedite payments for our ‘rollover’ members. As for the new to SilverScript members, our commission process relies on enrollment data from CMS. The files are posted the first Sunday of January. That first Sunday was January 8th. We are currently working on the commission file and it should be completed toward the end of the month.

Contact your up-line for more details. But before you contact your up-line, please be patient. It may well be that what you’re looking for is still on the way in the second January commission cycle distribution.