See what’s new for UnitedHealthCare in 2019

Changes that will take effect Jan. 1, 2019.

New Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (OEP)
MA plan members may use the new OEP to make changes to their coverage from Jan.1 – Mar. 31. New to
Medicare MA plan members can also use the new OEP in the first 3 months they have Parts A and B.
Reminder: It is prohibited to knowingly market MA plans to eligible beneficiaries during OEP.

DSNP Special Election Period (SEP)
This can only be used once per calendar quarter and isn’t available during 4th quarter.
Beneficiaries may qualify for other SEPs. If one isn’t available, they can use AEP (Oct. 15 – Dec. 7
2019) with a Jan. 1, 2020 effective date.

We’re making it easy for you to go green.

Enrollment Request Forms, Scope of Appointments and Plan Recaps
We’re removing the duplicate copies. They can be found through the Sales Materials Portal.

Provider Directories
These won’t be printed anymore. It’s best to look up providers online through Jarvis. You can also
call the PHD or download a PDF from the Sales Materials Portal. Go back monthly to get the most
updated copy.

MAPD Drug List
The comprehensive list of covered drugs will be back in the 2019 MAPD Enrollment Guides
without utilization management requirements. Look up drugs online through Jarvis, call the PHD or
download a PDF from the Sales Materials Portal. Go back monthly to get the most updated copy.

Evidence of Coverage
This will no longer be mailed. Members can find them through the member portal or Customer Service.

We’re improving enrollment and benefits.

New Benefit Highlights Sheet
Compare filed cost share with full dual cost share for all duals and dual look-alike plans.

Plan Recap Reminder
Go over the Plan Recap before enrolling the consumer to confirm they understand the plan and it
can act as a receipt of your conversation. We’ve also added email capture and “Go Green” verbiage.

Medicare Beneficiary Identifier
The MBI is 11 characters, made up of upper case letters and numbers, excluding the letters S, L, O,
I, B and Z. Use the MBI and not the HICN when possible.

Routine Dental Enhancements
Our Routine Dental now includes a more robust listing of covered services.

Want more ways to go digital?

Get the LEAN enrollment app today.

Complete enrollment applications quickly and accurately on your laptop or tablet.
• Uploads in hours versus days with paper
• Emails enrollment receipt to consumer
• Quicker issue resolution

Did you know? LEAN is better than paper.
Auto-adjudication: 81% LEAN vs. 71% paper
Denials & Withdrawls: Paper is 2x more likely to result in denial or withdrawal after pending than LEAN
Pending Rate: 4.6% LEAN vs. 7% paper
Top Paper Pending Reasons:

  1. Plan or Region Missing: Either no plan was selected or the permanent address was missing
  2. Unable to Assign Election Period: With LEAN, election period, service area and plan logic are built in
  3. Election Type is Not Correct: LEAN has election period assistance, this is 3x higher with paper
  4. Invalid Signature: You can’t submit an application without one in LEAN

Check out Jarvis for a hassle-free selling.

Go to for simpler selling experience, it even works on your mobile
device. While you’re there be sure to check the Jarvis Wrap for important
information throughout the year.

Get email addresses whenever possible.

Email addresses are great because:
• They tend to stay the same
• Are another way to stay in touch
• Can be a preferred contact method