MACRA = Medicare Supplement Opportunities

MACRA 2020 Update

MACRA-related changes create opportunities for both existing and new carriers to position themselves in the Medicare Supplement market in 2020 and beyond. Are you prepared to take advantage of those opportunities?

The passage of MACRA altered the Medicare Supplement market in several ways. With new regulations taking effect in 2020, carriers and marketers should consider an array of items, including the following:

  • Updating and refiling new Outlines of Coverage
  • Updating enrollment processes and materials to meet new requirements for “newly eligible” individuals as early as July 1, 2019
  • Reevaluating rates for Plans F and G for 2020
  • Training agents to educate both current customers and prospects
  • Adding the new High Deductible Plan G to your portfolio and sales process
  • State-specific regulation updates in response to MACRA

Let CSG Actuarial help you determine how to address these issues and answer any other questions you have regarding Medicare Supplement and MACRA. Whether you’re already participating in the Medicare Supplement market or if you’ve been considering getting in, you should know how MACRA alters the landscape.

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