CVS ExtraCare Health Cards | Personalized member videos | Save $$ w/ preferred pharmacies

February 7, 2019

Aetna, Medicare

Medicare Producer News

Individual MA/MAPD: February 06, 2019

  • Members get ExtraCare Health Card
  • New materials on Studio
  • New personalized video for members
  • Saving $$ with preferred pharmacies
  • How to read a formulary
  • Special rules for some drugs


NEW: Members to receive ExtraCare Health Card
Aetna and Aetna Coventry MAPD and PDP members will receive an ExtraCare Health Card from CVS Pharmacy, one of our preferred pharmacy partners.
With this card, members can get 20% off on CVS brand health products like vitamins, cold remedies and other over-the-counter supplies. The card does not offer discounts on prescription drugs.

The ExtraCare Health Card is free, and members are under no obligation to use it. If members choose to use it, the 20% discount will be activated when used during a purchase.

What you need to know

  • IMPORTANT: Due to compliance rules, this discount program cannot be promoted to prospective enrollees as an Aetna value-add program. It can only be discussed with current members.
  • The cards started mailing the last week of January and will continue into late February. Thereafter, the cards will be mailed to new members on a monthly basis.
  • If members already have an ExtraCare card, they can call CVS Pharmacy at 1-800-746-7287 to have their reward points transferred to their new card. Or, they can go to


What’s new on the Medicare Marketing Studio

In your neighborhood postcard
Let your future clients know you’re in the community and ready to help them learn more about their Medicare plan.

Call for an appointment postcard
This postcard is an easy way to make sure your clients know how to get ahold of you. You can add your contact information to this postcard and send it out to your preferred mailing list through Studio.

Retention meeting postcard
Invite your Aetna Medicare clients to an event to learn more about their Medicare plan. You can add event and registration details directly to the template.

New personalized videos for Medicare members
Members can now learn how to get the most from their Medicare plan through their personalized member video. Available on the member’s website, the video is unique to every person based on the type of Medicare plan they have. The video includes:

  • An overview of their 2019 health plan
  • Ways to save while getting the most out of their plan
  • Valuable resources to use throughout the year


Members can save money on their prescriptions

Some of our 2019 Aetna Medicare plans (MAPD) may offer a preferred pharmacy network. This means when members use a preferred pharmacy to fill their prescriptions, they’ll pay a lower copay at least for drugs in Tier 1 and 2.

Is your client using a preferred pharmacy? Preferred pharmacies vary by market. For a complete list of preferred pharmacies in your area, visit and follow the prompts.

How to read a formulary

Members use their MAPD plan formulary to find detailed information about the drugs covered by their plan. Using the formulary, members can look up drugs by name, review drug tiers and review the requirements or limits for certain drugs. Here’s a flyer to help you explain to members how to read a formulary.

If members have questions about their formulary, they can call the number listed on their Aetna Medicare ID card.

Do some prescription drugs have special rules?

Some prescription drugs require you adhere to special rules before we’ll cover them. Make sure you’re familiar with what these rules are and what they mean.

  • Quantity limit: This means there’s a limit on the amount of the drug that we cover. Drugs with quantity limits will have “QL” in the “Requirements/Limits” column.
  • Step therapy: Members may need to try certain drugs first before we’ll cover another option. A drug that requires step therapy will have “ST” in the “Requirements/Limits” column.
  • Prior authorization: The member’s doctor may need to get approval from us before we cover certain drugs. A drug that requires prior authorization will have “PA” in the “Requirements/Limits” column.

To find out if a drug has special rules, review their plan’s formulary.