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UnitedHealthcare: New to Medicare Commission Payments Easier in 2019

New to Medicare Commission Payments Easier in 2019 Like plan change commission is easier and will pay you in full in 2019! UnitedHealthcare will pay the full, initial year commission for new to Medicare members – even if a like plan change is made in the same year! Situation: The agent enrolls an individual who [...]

UnitedHealthcare: The Sales Evaluation Period Has Been Extended!

The Sales Evaluation Period Has Been Extended! UnitedHealthcare’s Sales Evaluation Period has been extended to include sales of UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans, Prescription Drug Plans (PDP), and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans with effective dates through April 1!  This means you still have time to make one sale of any MA, PDP, or Medicare Supplement [...]

Data Security, UnitedHealthcare and You

UnitedHealthcare takes data security and privacy very seriously. As the world changes from a cyber and privacy risk perspective, we are focused on protecting customer information, and want to help you keep consumer data safe. As part of that commitment, agents in all segments of UnitedHealthcare are required to participate in data security review and [...]

New Underwriting Policy for AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan G

Starting October 1, 2018, members currently enrolled in an AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, including Medicare Select Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company, residing in all states and territories EXCEPT CA, CT, FL, GU, MA, ME, MN, MP, NY, OR, VI, VT, WA, and WI who wish to change to Plan G will now need [...]

Upcoming December DSNP Roll-Out Events

New Year’s Resolution. What will yours be? Did you know about 80% of individuals eligible for a Dual Special Needs Plan are not yet on a plan? Join us at our upcoming 2019 DSNP Kick-Off event to learn how you can take advantage of this untapped market. If you would like to volunteer to bring [...]

PROPOSED 2019 Rate Information for AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

2019 rate information in the following states has not yet been approved for AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company. For your convenience, please find the proposed rate change percentages and plan effective dates below, which are subject to change. Please remember to continue to check your email, Jarvis, and JarvisWrap for [...]

UnitedHealthcare 2019 Star Ratings Results

On Oct. 10, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released our 2019 Star Ratings plan year performance (2020 payment year) for Medicare Advantage plans that includes Individual, Part D, Group Retiree and Dual Special Needs Plans. UnitedHealthcare is committed to delivering clinical quality, access to care and a distinctive experience for the members [...]

New Underwriting Policy for Plan Changers to AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan G

Starting October 1, 2018, members currently enrolled in an AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, including Medicare Select Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company, residing in all states and territories EXCEPT CA, CT, FL, GU, MA, ME, MN, MP, NY, OR, VI, VT, WA, and WI who wish to change to Plan G will now need [...]

Big News! Lifetime Renewals for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans are HERE!

It's a bird! No, it's a plane! Wait, is that a pig!? Nope, pigs aren't flying, but Lifetime Renewals are here for AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company, applications. Yes, that's right — renewals will be happening past year 6!* Now the only question is why wouldn't you want to sell more AARP [...]

Stay Informed: Compliant Use of Cloud Services

UnitedHealthcare is focused on protecting customer and member information. As technology changes, we provide information about how best to use that technology to avoid data risks – in this case Cloud Service Providers (CSP). Beginning August 17, 2018, agents may use cloud services to store documents containing Protected Health Information (PHI), using the guidelines below. […]

See what’s new for UnitedHealthCare in 2019

Changes that will take effect Jan. 1, 2019. New Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (OEP) MA plan members may use the new OEP to make changes to their coverage from Jan.1 – Mar. 31. New to Medicare MA plan members can also use the new OEP in the first 3 months they have Parts A […]

United Healthcare AHIP and Certification

2019 AHIP and Certification Training is available as of June 25, 2018     Certify early! The sales materials portal will open mid-August for Enrollment Guide orders! By certifying early, you can ensure you’ll have materials ready to go by October 1. The longer you wait to certify, the less likely you are to receive materials by October […]

Trump says proposals targeting high drug prices coming soon

BY JESSIE HELLMANN The administration will unveil a slate of proposals soon to address high prescription drug costs in the U.S., President Trump announced Monday.  “You’ll be seeing drug prices falling very substantially in the not-so-distant future, and it’s going to be beautiful,” President Trump said during a press conference on opioids in New Hampshire.  “If you compare […]

UHC: Vision plans rank high; Lots of great things in store

UnitedHealthcare vision plans rank highest in customer satisfaction in J.D. Power study This year’s report is based on responses from more than 1,300 vision plan participants nationwide, measuring customer satisfaction based on coverage, cost, communication, customer service and reimbursement. UnitedHealthcare’s cumulative score was the highest of the plans analyzed. Health and Wellness Learn how to […]

UHC: Capture That Email!

When you are able to enter a member’s email at the time of enrollment, a cascade of engagement and health care insights can positively impact the member years after they sign up for a UnitedHealthcare Medicare plan. A good relationship between an agent, a member and UnitedHealthcare begins with that first positive experience. For members […]

Learn How to Be More Effective this AEP

As the largest Medicare Advantage provider – more than 12 million members – UnitedHealthcare is more than just a health insurance company – we’re a strong, stable health care organization that delivers long-term innovation and a superior experience for your consumers. We strive to provide you a hassle-free experience when you do business with us. […]

UHC: 2017 DSNP Fax Number

If you sell Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNP) in Arizona, the 2017 enrollment fax number is different than the 2018 fax number. During this busy Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), save yourself the hassle of delayed enrollments by faxing them correctly the first time. 2017 DSNP Enrollment Fax Number:  1-855-210-5123 2018 DSNP Enrollment Fax Numbers: 1-501-262-7070 […]

UHC: The Right Plan at the Right Time

It’s the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), which is a great time to check in with members to find out if their needs have changed. Here are just a few of the questions to consider: Is the member in a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP)? Is the member taking any new prescription drugs? Does the member have […]

UHC: Transitional Fee Due Nov. 15; Real Appeal, Motion Webinars Scheduled

Self-funded Transitional Fee Due Nov. 15 The final installment of the Transitional Reinsurance fee is due by Nov. 15 for those self-funded employers who selected to pay the 2016 fee in two installments. Broker Support Final “Motion” Webinar Set for Oct. 30: Attend the final Motion Webinar where you’ll learn how to leverage the wearable […]

UHC: JarvisWRAP for October 20, 2017

New Podcasts Available   Stay in the know by knowing the tools available to you! Learn about the UnitedHealthcare Toolkit, LEAN, Jarvis and much more on our newest podcast. Listen here. READ MORE ON JARVIS Reminder! Section 1557 Non-discrimination Disclaimer Requirement As the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) starts, please remember that the Section 1557 Notice […]

UHC: Enrollment Right the First Time

Save time and hassles when you process enrollment applications correctly the first time this Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). An updated version of the Enrollment Handbook is now posted on www.uhcjarvis.com.  Use the Enrollment Handbook to break down details in the enrollment process including: steps in the enrollment process election periods billing options enrollment letters application […]

UHC: Sales Compensation Information

The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is here, and UnitedHealthcare is committed to paying your commissions in a timely manner throughout the year! Below are a few reminders for 2018 enrollments: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that agent-level commissions for the sale of Medicare Advantage (MA) and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) be […]

UHC: 2018 Star Rating Results

UnitedHealthcare is proud to announce that for 2018 Star Ratings (2019 payment year), we expect to again achieve at least 80 percent of our Medicare Advantage members enrolled in plans with four stars or higher. This will be the third consecutive year in which at least 80 percent of our members are in plans rated […]

United Healthcare: Meeting Reminder: 1 Sales Event(s) 10/18

On behalf of UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions we would like to thank you for your business and commitment to serve consumers as a trusted advisor. Compliance Reminders (based on trending topics) 2017 Star Ratings: Provide the 2017 Star Rating when you present a Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan. If your inventory of Enrollment Guides indicates […]

United Healthcare: Update! Non-resident Appointment Fee

In an effort to remove hassle, we’ve made some changes to the way non-resident appointment fees appear on compensation statements. Here’s what you need to know UnitedHealthcare charges EDC and IMO agents for the non-resident appointment fee—when applicable, charges appear on compensation statements We are adding additional detail to the charge line on the statement […]

United Healthcare: JarvisWRAP Medicare highlights

Welcome to the JarvisWRAP Welcome to the first edition of the JarvisWRAP! Each week during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), we will provide a quick overview of the most recent news to hit Jarvis that week. Think of is like a news email from the New York Times or something like The Skimm – it’s […]

UHC: Why Every Agent Should Care About Net Promoter Score

You may be asking yourself, what is a Net Promoter Score (NPS)? Or, why should I care? NPS is a customer loyalty metric that can help predict member retention and growth. It starts by asking customers a single question, “Would you recommend our product, service or company to others?” As agents, you play a critical […]

UHC: New SAM Enhancements — Just in Time to Streamline Q4

By United Healthcare Broker Connection “To give you a better quoting and enrollment experience with your clients, we’ve made new enhancements to the Sales Automation Management (SAM) tool!” There’s support on new SAM trainings,  there are new Medicare ID cards, and more! Read more here! Plus join us on October 11th for the Health with […]

UHC: Toolkit Training September 2017

By UnitedHealthcare If you attended a UnitedHealthcare Toolkit training, thank you! If you were unable to make it, we are having a makeup session this week-details are listed below. For reference, here is a Toolkit cheat sheet. Below is a list of the top materials reviewed during the call. To find them, just type  the title […]

UHC: Annual Medicare Product Commission Updates

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions is amending its agent/agency contracts. We strive to provide a superior health care experience for members and look forward to working with you in 2018! Important Notes The 2018 Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) and Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans Commission Schedule is now available. The 2018 Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans Commission Schedule is now available. The following […]

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2018 UHC Fax Cover Sheet

If you sell Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNP) in Arizona, the 2017 enrollment fax number is different than the 2018 fax number. During this busy Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), save yourself the hassle of delayed enrollments by faxing them correctly the first time.

2018 DSNP Enrollment Fax Numbers 1-501-262-7070 or 1-866-994-9659

Contact Number(s)
Customer Service
Plan Members
Call the number on the back of your member ID card
Technical Support
  • Please use the 866-994-9659 number for now when submitting paper applications.
  • Reminder! LEAN is also available for submitting applications quickly and efficiently

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Information for staying compliant

If you have compliance questions, please email compliance_questions@uhc.com and be sure to include your full name, contact information and writing number.

Passing the prerequisite Tests (Medicare Basics Test, Ethics and Compliance Test, and AARP Course) certifies you to sell Medicare Advantage (MA) AND Part D plans! Don’t forget to certify for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Special Needs Plans to help grow your business.
    • Certification modules and tests are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week on Jarvis>Knowledge Center>Training>Certifications.You will have six attempts to complete an assessment with a minimum passing score of 85 percent.
    • Each time you launch the assessment an attempt is counted, whether you complete the assessment or not. Important: Be sure to schedule uninterrupted time in order to complete the entire assessment without losing an attempt.
    • Upon answering a question, immediate feedback lets you know if you answered the question correctly or incorrectly.
    • For more information, refer to the 2019 Certification User Guide onJarvis>Knowledge Center>Training>Certifications.


NEW to UHC Certifications
A built-in Fraud, Waste and Abuse course
No need to visit the Centers for Medicaid Services (CMS) site to take the Fraud, Waste and Abuse course. The content is now built into our Ethics and Compliance module and streamlined to ensure you get the exact information you need while reducing content by 70 percent. A huge time saver for you!
Improved Conflict of Interest Disclosure 
To make this annual process easier, we’ve simplified the Conflict of Interest Status Disclosure language (find it in the Ethics and Compliance Test).
Events Basics refresh
Based off your feedback, we’ve streamlined the Events Basics course content – a 21% reduction from last year – and designed an easier navigation. The course can be found in the electives section, be sure to take it so you can be ready to conduct marketing events.

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