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IMPORTANT SilverScript Information

Earlier today, CVS Health and Aetna announced that Aetna has entered into an agreement to sell its standalone Medicare Part D Prescription business to WellCare Health Plans, Inc., with the sale of those assets to be effective as of December 31, 2018. This is an important step toward Department of Justice (DOJ) approval of the [...]

SilverScript: 2018 AEP Commission Timing

SilverScript processes January commissions in two parts. The first part is done in early January and consists mostly of commissions on policies for clients who were already your SilverScript clients in 2017 and are simply ‘rolling over’ into the same SilverScript 2018 plan. The second part is done in late January and includes commissions with […]

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Enrollment 101:

You have a few options to enroll the client within 24 hours:

  1. Electronic Application (Face to Face or Phone): Fill out the online scope from the portal by clicking on “Electronic SOA”, Click on “Election Application”, launch the e-app on the portal, fill out application on your computer, and have your client sign via email, submit. If a paper scope was collected, send Paper Scope of Appointment with the confirmation number at the top of the form to email: or fax it to 1-866-552-6205.
  2. Silverscript Electronic Application Video Walkthrough:
  3. Silverscript Electronic Scope Video Walkthrough:
  4. Email Link From Silverscript Portal (Client Fills Out By Themselves): Click on “Email Enrollment”. You can email a link to the client from the agent portal and the client can fill it out without the help from the agent. No scope is needed, but it is recommended. It is also recommended to keep an email trail saying you are sending the link to have proof that that client was connected to you in case of a glitch.
  5. Online (Face to Face): Fill out online by clicking “Enrollment” and then “Click Here” under Electronic Enrollment, once finished, print the online signature page, have your client sign it (wet signature), then fax it into 1-866-552-6205 or email through the portal using Silver Mail. No Fax Coversheet is required.
  6. Paper (Face to Face or Phone): Collect paper app from client, enter it in online by clicking the “Enrollment” tab on the Silverscript portal, write the confirmation number on the top, sign and date, then fax it into 1-866-552-6205 or email it through the portal using Silver Mail. No Fax Coversheet is required.
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Compliance Information

Steps to Locate Compliance Information

  1. Go to the broker portal login here.
  2. Click on Reference Materials to the left.
  3. Locate the section that states: 2018 Certification Module
Certification Portal
  • Agent Portal
  • Click on “Training & Certification” to the left
  • Complete any courses not yet completed


First Time Users:
• Your Username is your agent number
• Your password is defaulted to password1

  • All courses of the SilverScript Agent Certification curriculum are now available via the agent portal
  • AHIP, Gorman, and Pinpoint accepted
  • Complete step-by-step instructions are on the SilverScript agent portal under Training and Certification

To transfer over your AHIP to Silverscript you will need your NPN number and password. AHIP is not required, but if taken will be accepted as credit for the following courses:

  • 2019 Medicare Overview for Contracted Agents
  • 2019 Compliance Course for Contracted Agents
  • CMS Required Compliance and FWA Training

Certification User Guide

Important! In order sync your certification you must log out and log back in to your SilverScript agent portal. Once this is done SilverScript’s system will be updated and you will be shown as certified.

SilverScript Insurance Company is part of CVS Health. They are part of a family of companies dedicated to improving America’s healthcare. They have contracted with Medicare since Part D began in 2006 to provide affordable, east-to-use prescription drug coverage to millions of members across the U.S. They continuously look for ways to lower your clients’ costs and ensure that your clients’ prescriptions are filled accurately and safely. They design their plans to be convenient, effortless, and efficient, allowing your clients to focus on living well and staying as healthy as they can be.