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GTL’s Precision Care Now on the e-App in 7 More States!

Now available in Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio and Utah! Available on Paper, Portal and e-App! Please update your GTL e-App now to see these states. UPDATE FOR APPLE         UPDATE FOR ANDROID Covering the High Cost of Cancer is Good... Beating Cancer is Better. Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company [...]

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  • General – 847-298-1215
  • Claims – 847-699-1048
  • Life and Health Sales Support – 847-699-0895*
  • Credit Insurance – 847-699-0987
  • Agent Licensing – 847-699-9207
  • New Business – 847-699-8493
  • Regulatory Compliance/Legal – 847-699-0093

*Please Fax Contracting To Life and Health Sales Support

Contact Number(s)
  • Policyholder Inquiries – 800-338-7452
  • Provider Inquiries – 866-851-0284
  • Life and Health Agents – 800-323-6907
  • Special Risk Agents – 800-592-7933
  • Credit Agents – 800-551-8274
  • Underwriting Questions – 800-635-1993

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Founded in 1936, Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company is a legal mutual reserve company located in Glenview, Illinois which provides a portfolio of competitive health, accident, life and special risk insurance programs. For over 79 years, the company has benefited from the direction of the Holson family, whose consistent top-level leadership and management continues to provide the company with a clear vision of who they are and where they’re going. The family values on which they were founded motivate them to build on the importance of their personal customer service, quality products, and successful relationships. Through their independent agents and brokers, they serve individuals and families in 49 states and the District of Columbia.