Americo: Important Compliance Notice for Agents

January 25, 2018

Americo, Compliance


Doing business the RIGHT way is the only way to do business. Americo is committed to helping you build your business in a compliant and ethical manner. Please review the important home office and state notices below.

Home Office Notices

eApplication Signature Reminder

As a reminder, if you are using our eApplication and select ‘tablet signing’, the signor (proposed insured, owner, or payor) must sign the application directly using the tablet. Full signatures are required, initials are not sufficient. If you are using ‘remote signing’, the person signing the application must be the person receiving the email. As with the traditional paper process, you cannot sign for the client under any circumstance.

New Accelerated Benefit Payment Rider Disclosure in Montana

The Accelerated Benefit Payment Rider for terminal illness disclosure has been updated. There are new state specific application packets for General Life, AdvantageWL, and Lifetime Legacy. For Ultra Protector, there is an updated version of the disclosure. Effective immediately, please begin using the new application packets.

General Life

12-001-1-MT (01/18)


11-195-1-MT (01/18)

Ultra Protector Series

13-160-2-MT (01/18)

Lifetime Legacy

12-066-37-MT (01/18)

New application packets are available for download and order on


Idaho, Montana, Rhode Island Secondary 

Addressee Option

Idaho, Montana, and Rhode Island require that life insurance policyowners have the opportunity to designate, at point of sale and any time thereafter, a secondary addressee to receive notice of policy lapse or cancellation for non-payment of premium. If your client chooses to designate a secondary addressee, complete and submit the Notice of Your Right to Designate a Secondary Addressee form (ABB8234). This form is available on eApplications and can be downloaded and ordered on

New Disclosure for Active Duty Military Personnel

Effective immediately, for all sales to active military personnel, a Military Personnel Disclosure (AAA8613) will be required. This form is available for download on

New Application Packets for DC & Tennessee

Effective immediately, please begin using the new General Life and AdvantageWL application packets in DC and Tennessee.

General Life

12-001-1-DC (07/17)

12-001-1-TN (07/17)


11-195-1-DC (07/17)

11-195-1-TN (07/17)


New applications are available for download and order on