Contracting, Licensing & Certifications

When you contract with us, you join our team

Reach out to us regarding the carriers you require in your portfolio today. We will expedite the process for you while you continue to service your clients!

Osborn Insurance Group has several licensed and certified agents in the office who understand the local market and atmosphere of the various companies through which we are appointed. We stay abreast of underwriting guidelines, company ratings, and any challenges that may appear on the horizon. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to confidently recommend which products are best suited for your clients’ needs. It is our goal to serve your business with anything that will render your success.

Contracting services provided…

  • Application and Enrollment Verification
  • Carrier Appointment Status
  • Certification Assistance
  • Enrollment Guidelines
  • In-Place Business Status Checks
  • Issued Business Advocacy and Resolution
  • Market Trends
  • Product Knowledge
  • Quotes, Forms, and Sales Kits