Aetna MA: Coming Soon: A New, Improved Contracting Process

March 14, 2019


Great news! We’re replacing our existing Aetna Medicare contracting system (nomoreforms™) with an improved tool that will expedite the contracting process for MA/MAPD products. It’ll be available starting May 13. 

The new contracting tool (powered by CallidusCloud®) will streamline and simplify the contracting process, and improve the onboarding/contracting experience for new Medicare producers. We look forward to sharing more detail with you in upcoming weeks.

Here’s what you need to know to plan ahead for contracting changes

  • Starting May 13, the new contracting tool will be accessible through Producer World.
    • Producer World becomes the go-to spot for contracting; This is where you’ll go to access the new contracting tool. Be sure you and your team have access to it and can log in. To register for Producer World, click here. For help, check out registration FAQs.
  • New producers will need to use the new tool to contract with us. This includes producers who are new to Aetna Medicare and any producers with a terminated contract status. 
  • Currently contracted producers will not need to take any action to recontract. Instead, their contracting records will be transferred automatically. They’ll only need to use the new system if they wish to make changes to their contract in the future. 
  • From April 26 – May 12, there will be a temporary blackout period for submitting new contracts. During the temporary blackout period:
    • You cannot submit any new contracts.
    • We will finish processing contracts submitted in nomoreforms before April 26.
    • You’ll still be able to submit demographic and banking updates through Producer World, and these updates will be made. 
  • This new contracting process will not impact reporting. For the time being, you’ll continue using the existing reports available through Producer World. However, we are planning to launch new reporting capabilities later this year. We’ll share more information about reporting changes well in advance, so you have time to prepare.

How will the new contracting process save you time?

  • So long, package codes: Package codes are going away. They’ll be replaced by a simplified online process that generates an onboarding email invitation to the new agent. 
  • Anyone with an upline contract (i.e., recruiters) will be able to invite agents to contract through the online process. (This is a change from today’s process, where only top-of-hierarchy contacts can initiate the onboarding of new agents/agencies.) 
  • You’ll no longer need to submit a hierarchy sheet. Instead, the recruiter’s established hierarchy information, based on our existing records, will be systematically applied to new producer contracts. 
  • The new contracting tool is connected with the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), which means producer demographic and state license info from NIPR will automatically flow into the new contracting tool. As a result, you and your producers will no longer have to manually notify us about demographic and state license changes.  
Key dates 

April 25

Last day to submit new contracts into nomoreforms.

April 26

Last day that top-of-hierarchy contacts can transfer a contract package to Aetna through nomoreforms.

April 26 – May 12

You cannot submit new contracts (temporary blackout period).

May 13

The new contracting tool goes live; You can begin creating contracting onboarding invitations.