Aetna DSNP Application Tips

January 10, 2019

Aetna, Medicare Advantage

When your clients enroll in an Aetna DSNP, be sure to include an accurate phone number so their Aetna-assigned personal care team can connect with them

All 2019 Aetna Medicare Dual-eligible Special Needs Plan (DSNP) members get access to our personal care team led by a nurse case manager. After your client enrolls, a representative from the personal care team will contact them using the phone number listed on their enrollment application.

For DSNP members, including a correct contact number on the application is extra important because….

Our personal care team uses that phone number to connect with new members. You may also want to list a secondary phone number too. If no phone number is provided or it is incorrect, the personal care team will not be able to connect with the new member. Please remind your client our team will be calling them so they know to expect a phone call.

What does the personal care team do?

The personal care team can help DSNP members:

  • Complete their detailed health risk assessment
  • Schedule provider appointments
  • Arrange transportation to and from doctor appointments
  • Coordinate with providers and pharmacies
  • Understand their medications
  • Find community resources such as in-home services, adult day care and caregiver support groups
  • Access behavioral health resources to help with emotional well-being

Where are Aetna DSNP plans available?

DSNP plans are available in select counties in Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Pennsylvania.