“Aetna agrees to $69 billion sale to CVS Health” -Reuters: What does this mean for you?

December 4, 2017

Aetna, CVS

The rumors of Aetna selling to CVS Health seem to be coming to fruition.  The agreement should be announced today by both companies. Here is the link to the Reuters article.

In this last week of AEP, do you know who you are putting your business with?  Is it with a trusted, stable partner?

What will this deal mean for your business?  Contracting and contract levels? Commission?  Agent services?

What will this deal mean for your members?  Customer service?  Pharmacy and provider networks? Mid-year changes?

The Strength – Stability – Hassle-Free message of UHC rings very true today! While our competitors will be will be focusing on merging companies and systems, deciding on plans for the future and areas of focus, UHC will be continuing to invest and innovate to improve our industry leading agent and member experiences.