Add 2019 Star Ratings to your Enrollment Kits

October 31, 2018

Aetna, Medicare, Star Ratings

Action required: Add 2019 star ratings to 2019 enrollment kits

CMS requires producers to review the 2019 star ratings document with beneficiaries when presenting 2019 Individual Medicare plans (MA/MAPD, PDP).

By October 31, you must update all 2019 enrollment kits to include the new 2019 star ratings document.

To update 2019 enrollment kits with the new 2019 star ratings document:

Please note that any new enrollment kits you order as of October 29 will include the 2019 star rating pages automatically.

Why is this important? 

It is your responsibility to make sure all Medicare marketing materials you use are accurate and up-to-date.  This includes ensuring 2019 star ratings are part of the enrollment kits you use, as of the October 31 deadline. Failure to comply could result in disciplinary or corrective action, as outlined in your contract with us.